Who am I

Sub -30 London obsessive Londoner!

Grew up in the countryside and went out of my box so came back here to create great events, fizzing social media strategies, and creatively-led education in personal brand, confidence, and careers.

I’ve been an entrepreneurial spirit since I accidentally started a business at 16 years old provided a fusion of music and piano tuition with mentoring. In 2007 I sold on my client list to try out academia and upon discovering my love of qualitative analysis and ethnography, I graduated from Queen Mary with a Linguistics degree. Which was a surprise for most as I (proudly) dropped out of secondary school just before my 17th birthday.

Since then I’ve combined permanent and freelancing in passion-led and creative industries from UK-wide tours, coordinating international shoots, managing large online audiences through social media and blogs, and starting up The YP Collective.

So far life has been an adventure, and why should it be any less? Aside from the career, I’ve taken on a rather ridiculous hobby I’ve called the #2014dailychallenge. I do a challenge every day for this year and blog/vlog about it. By proxy, I’ve met some incredibly inspiring people, learnt some cool tricks and skills, pushed myself physically, and gone to bed every night with a sense of achievement – however big or small.



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